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The Importance Of Link Building For Your SEO Strategy Embryo.
Throughout this process, conducting research into determining which pages need additional support in order to boost rankings and which keywords should be prioritised is vital to see results from carrying out this type of activity. Some benefits of implementing a link building strategy include the following.: Links give your website credibility, meaning search engines and users will see your website as a valuable resource that will help support both existing and future content. Search engines such as Google consider backlinks to be an important ranking factor which is measured against using their algorithm. High-quality links can boost keyword rankings resulting in increased visibility and traffic going to your website. Links lead to higher website metrics and SEO scores. Increased traffic from other websites linking to your own website. Links help to increase traffic to your website.
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An SEO strategy includes planning, executing, and measuring all the components/changes you are doing to your website to rank higher in the search engines for the keywords that are relevant to the services or products you provide. The strategy includes on-site SEO, things that happen on your website optimizing content, internal linking, title tags, load speed, etc, and off-site SEO, things that happen off of it backlinks, citations, influencer mentions, etc. Both have to be aligned to make your strategy/campaign successful. What Exactly Are Backlinks. As explained by MOZ stated, a backlink is when a website/domain links to another website to share relevant information.
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What websites does it link to? How many backlinks does it get? And, most importantly, where do these backlinks come from? Create something better. Now take all the information youve learned and create something thats clearly better. Make your design cleaner, the word count longer, have a more definitive list of tips. Your aim is to outdo the other content in every way. Promote your content. The key to success isnt just to create better content, its to steal backlinks. Go back to the original piece of content and see whos linking to it. Then reach out to those people and ask them to replace their links with links to your new and improved piece. Heres an example email from the creator, Brian Dean himself. You can find out more about The Skyscraper Technique with Brian Deans backlink video. Move-in on competitor territory. You can take The Skyscraper Technique and apply it to your competitors content. If theyre outranking you for SEO, you might want to try and steal their links, or at least ensure that youre getting a mention from the same sites.
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A thousand irrelevant backlinks will do far less for your brand and might even damage your search engine ranking than one highly-relevant powerful backlink from a trusted and authoritative source. Plan an outreach campaign for backlinking opportunities. Once you have your target list ready, its time to make contact. An outreach campaign is not an opportunity for mass emailing or spamming. Backlinking is really about being part of a conversation around a given subject. The more personal, specific, and targeted your outreach activities are, the more likely you are to build relationships that result in reciprocal linking and long-term support. Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, shares examples of email messages for reaching out to websites that could potentially backlink to your content. In addition to sites that are your competitors or neighbors, try contacting.:
SEO Link Building Strategy: The Ultimate Guide for Agencies.
Strategic local growth leading to conversions. High ROI Pay-Per-Click Packages. Web Design Packages. Professional Website Design Packages. Agencies Menu Toggle. Our White Label Solutions Menu Toggle. White Label SEO. White label SEO solutions for your agency. White Label Reputation Management. Manage your clients reputation in our dashboard. White Label Social Media Management. Smoothly manage your clients social media engagements. White Label PPC. Managed PPC services for your clients. White Label Web Design. Outsource Web Design Projects. White Label Features Menu Toggle. White Label SEO Audit Tool. SEO Audit tool provides value with a comprehensive website health check. WordPress SEO Audit Plugin. Wordpress SEO Plugin for Woocommerce lead-generating websites. Reputation Management Software. Keep an eye on what customers say. Agency Rank Tracking. Get daily rank tracking for your SEO campaigns. SEO Link Building Strategies Every Agency Should Follow. Itamar Gero 18 mins read. Share: Copy Link. The importance of link building has been elevated now more than ever. Whether youre new to link building or youve been practicing the strategy for a long time, youre here because you understand just how valuable quality links have become and its importance in increasing website rankings.
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Reclaim Broken Backlinks. Broken backlinks are inevitable. Your site probably has 404 errors for old pages, or someone mistyped the URL when linking to your website. Whatever the reason, reclaim broken backlinks by reaching out to these websites and offering new, fresh content for replacement. Sometimes, you can simply point out the mistyped URL. A site owner will almost always be happy to improve their content. Mirror Your Competitors Backlink Profiles. Discover which websites are linking to your competitors but not to you by using Link Intersect by Ahrefs. The chances of them accepting your offer are higher because theyve already worked with sites in that specific niche. Theres no reason not to find those missed opportunities. Steal Your Competitors Quality Backlinks. Crawling your competitors backlink profiles can create a great opportunity to steal some of their links. This is especially true if they have old domains with thousands of links - some might be broken or outdated. Broken Link Building.
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By combining them in different proportions, you can define your own unique backlink strategy. Parting Advice for Your Backlink Strategy. Start building your backlink strategy by analyzing your competitors. In other words, you should first look at how many and what kind of references your opponents sites have. And then do at least as good rather, better and take the top spots in search results yourself. You can quickly find out what domains link to a site by using Ahrefs, Semrush or other SEO tools.
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Backlinks also represent trust in your brand, and by seeking out organic connections from sites that actually see the value in your content, youll be able to showcase your brand as a valuable and trustworthy voice in your industry and beyond. Interested in learning more about building strong backlinks through content and PR? Get in touch for an introductory call. Kathryn Hawkins is principal and chief content strategist of Eucalypt Media. She has worked as a freelance journalist for media publications and managed inbound marketing and content strategy for corporate and nonprofit clients for more than a decade.
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For more information about how to nurture mid-funnel customers, read our post on creating material for the mid-funnel here. Backlinks created through original research will help to establish your reputation as a leader within your industry. Prospective customers want to know why they should trust you over other brands within the industry. Original research and surveys that receive links within other industry publications will increase your positive brand mentions and your reputation as a thought leader. This will help you set yourself apart from others. Measuring and building backlinks. As you engage in these positive link-building strategies, be sure to regularly monitor your progress to gauge your success. Don't' forget to check in on broken backlinks that lead to orphan pages, too. The BrightEdge platform offers a backlink tracking feature that makes it easy to see how your efforts correspond with building backlinks. You can see which types of content and investments correspond with the greatest increase in backlink attention. You can therefore modify your strategy when needed and continue to build your backlist directory and the reputation of your site.

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